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A Little Bit About Ourselves.

TVC is Richmond’s top rated exterior contractor, and has built that reputation on years of quality work, reasonable pricing, and communication that stands head and shoulders above our competition.
We are committed to helping our clients see their vision through from start to finish, and never feel blindsided by unexpected fees, and lengthy delays.
Safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are our 3 goals that we maintain at all times, and we have the track record to prove it.
We are always happy to provide references for our projects, the largest of which we have extensive documentation for on hand.

Our Services

Below is our specialty work, please send us a message if you are looking to have work done that is not listed.


Exterior Building Work

Windows, Siding, and Balconies are our specialty. We have routinely worked on multi-building projects, and can provide references so you know your building is in good hands.

Interior Renovation

We provide full interior renovation services to rental properties. With endless customization available, you want it, we build it.

Parkade Waterproofing

If your parkade is leaking, it's time for some work. Ingress can cause major concrete damage with time. We'll strip it down, waterproof it, and re-pave it in no time.

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Can TVC Service My Area?

We are always happy to do work in Richmond, as the majority of our suppliers are local to the city. We have over 10 years of experience working in the city, and it has become much like a home to us.